Monday, April 28, 2008

Well there was a bunch of random old stuff of random things sitting in my computer, some portfolio stuff too, but I just wanted to flush it all out, here it is!

And here is a flock of grazing American Wigeons for your viewing pleasure

These were part of a seven sins YEAH I KNOW CLICHE RIGHT series assignment where I chose forks as my theme, Minolta X-300, all B&W film 400 ASA, 8” x 10” prints on pearl paper, I was proud of these because I've never done manual photography/developing before! : )

so long for a little while, ovolon version 2.0 coming in June 2008!


Alex said...

you're one of my favourite artists, you know that?

Anonymous said...

These drawings are amazing...

(i found your sight just surfing though blogs)

keep up the good work

Ted said...

the kitchen one is so great

it reminds me of this album cover for some reason